Way To Ruin Star Trek Mr. Abrams

I was really looking forward to watching Star Trek: Into Darkness but…

They make Kirk out to be a misfit and screw-up who tries to do the right thing but fails. Oh sure, he saves the day and no one dies but he brakes the rules and loses his ship. (Didn’t Kirk always break the rules and manage to came out one top?)

Spock – well that’s a whole other issue here. For this movie it seems they just decided to let Spock do everything Kirk did in The Wrath Of Khan. This wouldn’t be so bad but they use the exact dialogue from the Wrath of Khan. I get what they are trying to do but it just doesn’t work like it did in the original.

As  for Khan’s story line, they skip him almost completely in favour of a secret plot from a Star Fleet Admiral. Then the epic battle scene from Wrath of Khan is just  – not there. It ends up being between the rouge Star Fleet Admiral and Spock, with a kick back to Khan controlling the rouge Admiral vessel after the Admiral is taken out. The sad story is that Spock has to ask Leonard Nimoy’s Spock how he defeated Khan in his time line. (So disappointed with this.)

One of the second most memorable scene from Wrath of Khan, where Spock dies from radiation poisoning, has changed. Another role reversal. Kirk dies from the radiation not Spock. That was even worse to watch than you think. Same dialogue from Wrath of Khan, again. Except we already know how they are bringing Kirk back to life. Using khan’s blood. Which was lame and easily read earlier on in the movie. (ie: when Bones wanted to see what would happen when he injected the dead Tribble with it).

I didn’t hate everything though. The movie looks amazing as does the ship. I like how they slid Carol Marcus into the movie as well, just wish it was written better.

For now, I am done with any additional Star Trek movies that have Abrams name attached to them and I fear for Star Wars.

So disappointed.



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